1:1 Online-Hypnose Sitzung – garantiert so effizient wie eine LIVE Sitzung!

Auf Grund der großen Nachfrage, gerade in den letzten Monaten, bedingt durch die Corona-Krise biete ich meine deutschsprachigen 1:1 Online-Hypnotherapie-Sitzungen weltweit an.

Ich kann Ihnen versichern, dass eine Online Video Hypnose Sitzung problemlos  möglich ist.

Meine Online Hypnosesitzungen sind genauso effektiv wie eine Hypnosesitzung vor Ort, und das Beste daran ist, dass Sie dafür nicht einmal ihre gewohnte Umgebung verlassen müssen.

Im Grunde genommen ist eine 1:1 Online Hypnose Sitzung nichts anderes, wie eine Live Hypnosesitzung vor Ort. Die Online Sitzung umfasst ebenfalls ein ausführlichem Vorgespräch, die  Hypnose und ein ausführlichen Nachgespräch.

Das einzige, was Sie benötigen ist ein Computer, Notebook, oder Mobiltelefon mit Kamera und Lautsprecher oder Kopfhörer und Mikrophon. Technisch ist das ganz einfach. Optimal ist es natürlich wenn Sie einen Raum haben in dem sie während dieser Zeit ungestört sind.


Häufig gestellte Fragen:

Laundry Services

How much is laundry service in Singapore?

Our wet wash, or laundry service, starts from $5.50 for a normal blouse, shirt, or trousers. The end bill will depend on the thickness, length, and the kind of fabric. All prices are subjected to 7% GST. For our pricelists, click here for: Ladies or Gentlemen clothing.

How much does doing laundry per kilo cost?

A laundry load or "Wash and Fold" will cost you $6.50 per kilogram before taxes. This service doesn't include pressing/ironing. Turnaround time is 3 working days and there's a minimum of 5 kg per load as we don't mix your clothes with other people's. Make sure while doing laundry load, you are sorting by colour and following the manufacturer's rules about how to wash their clothing article, e.g for dry clean only, hand wash only, etc. For our pricelist, click here.

How much does laundry for household items or linens cost?

In The Laundry Club Singapore, we laundry your bedsheets starting at $6 (Single) and blankets & comforters from $12 (Single). Checkout our prices here. All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

What is laundry service?

The Laundry Club's laundry service is often called wet-wash and deemed as the best cleaning solution for garments-- water and detergent. It is still the most effective in removing odour and foreign particles set in fabrics and textile. We also provide anti-bacterial treatment at this time. As service is charged per item, extra care and attention is given to say, shirts and blouses as our laundry experts apply spot cleaning on cuffs and collar bands as well as minor stain removal, upon request. Garments are also pressed, delivered in hangers and packed accordingly.

What is Hypocleanz?

Hypocleanz is a new laundry/cleaning method that is as effective as normal laundry but chemical-free, hypoallergenic and with antimicrobial properties that will keep your garments protected against viruses, bacteria and germs for up to 30 days.

Curtain Cleaning

How much does it cost to dry clean curtains?

At The Laundry Club in Singapore, dry cleaning your curtains can cost you from $9.50 per kilo. All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

Do curtains need to be dry cleaned?

If your curtains are made by fabric that doesn't go well with water, you may have to go to a local dry cleaners for them to get cleaned properly.

How often should you dry clean your curtains?

Experts at The Laundry Club recommends you to get your curtains dry cleaned at least 2x a year to promote longevity for the fabric and to also lesses allergens such as dust and dirt from staining permanently.

How can I dry clean curtains at home?

You can certainly dry clean at home and try your hand at DIY but, do you really want to risk damage, shrinkage, and breakage? Contact your local dry cleaners to help you out with your needs today.

How do you clean curtains without washing them?

If you don't have to time to bring down your curtains and wash them, you can vacuum the fabric in the meantime. Once convenient, it would be best to bring them to your dry cleaners for a thorough cleaning and care.

Are curtains washable?

Yes, most curtains are washable, just make sure to put them in a laundry mesh bag and on the gentlest setting as possible. To make sure that your curtains get the cleanest treatment possible, kindly bring them to your dry cleaners for professional servicing and cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

What is dry cleaning?

Contrary to the name, dry cleaning is not 'dry' at all. It is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a solvent other than water, most cleaning services and dry cleaners use alternative solvents and petroleum spirits.

How much is dry cleaning in Singapore?

It may depend on the clothing article or the fabric, our Singapore-based dry cleaning services starts from $6.50 for blouses, slacks, shirts and trousers. All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

How much does dry cleaning a dress cost?

In The Laundry Club Singapore, you can avail of our dress dry cleaning service starting at $12.00. The price may vary depending on the length of the dress, trimmings and type of fabric. All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

Are dry cleaners worth it?

Yes, going to the dry cleaners are worth it. By availing of their services, you won't have to worry about dealing with professional-grade chemicals and your garments will be treated and cleaned accordingly.


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